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Everything starts with the brief, which is where we get to know what makes your business tick; identifying your needs and understanding your market. This information helps us make decisions about the most appropriate platform on which to develop your website and what elements, from design to copy, you’ll need. Getting this bit right makes the next stage flow much easier.

Develop ideas

Taking the brief, we’ll draw up a sitemap of the proposed website so that we can see how each page relates to each other and then we’ll plan wireframes of each specific page to plot the user experience. It’s here we make changes and refinements, effectively prototyping your website before a line of code is even written.

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Design and art direction

We develop different creative concepts, refining ideas, paying close attention to your brand, functionality, content and navigation. Finally, we define the look and feel that you’re after and work closely with our web development team to join it with the backend, ensuring the HTML and CSS deliver the same vision our design team has created.

Frontend development

Our frontend developers ensure your website backend functionality works seamlessly with the frontend design. They bring your user journey to life, using the latest technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS.

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